When you take your convention, meeting or
incentive to their annual trip, you want to make
sure you created long-lasting memories. And
what better way to make sure this happens than
giving them something tangible to take back
home that will remind them where they had such
a wonderful adventure.

dquest.shop is more than a store.

We gather a collection of inspired designs crafted
with love and detail using local materials (usually
natural or recycled) by local artisans.

Every purchase has an additional ingredient as
part of it goes to “Amigos of the Planet”as our
contribution on your behalf to the care and
preservation of nature.


Mexico is well known for its handcrafts and
nowadays workshops are incorporating
environmental practices to their products. Here
are some examples:

Toquillo based bags – Recycled PET

beautiful colors, different designs and sizes. Perfect for a beach day or to carry all the meetings documents. Easy to carry. Colors can be personalized.


Original clay pieces hand made in family shops. Mortars, tortilla covers, mugs.


Hand made painted silk in beautiful
pieces: key-holders, magnets, pictures with
different themes, personal cards.